Haikus - which are by a human, and which by a computer?

  1. A sparrow’s feather
    On a barb of rusty wire
    In the sizzling heat.

  2. The random shell fails
    If dismal waters enchant,
    Does the tight breeze flow?

  3. White fern weary byte
    The flat hateful cavern writhes
    Sad code low mountain

  4. With a twitching nose
    A dog reads a telegram
    On a wet tree trunk.

  5. The low leaf moving;
    It is the odd universe.
    Wondering, I wake.

  6. The webs of spiders
    Sticking to my sweaty face
    In the dusty woods.

  7. Sleety rain at night
    Seasoning swelling turnips
    With a tangy taste.

  8. Behind the cold scream,
    As the waiting wasteland creeps,
    I fail; the hill sings.