Tu Jan 20 Introduction
Unit 1 – Thought & Language
Th Jan 22 Grice, “Meaning”
Tu Jan 27 Searle, “Meaning” (focus on 160-169)
Th Jan 29 Lewis, “Coordination and Convention”
Tu Feb 3 Grice, “Logic and Conversation”
Unit 2 – Thought & Behavior
Th Feb 5 Turing, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”
Tu Feb 10 Dennett, “True Believers” Unit 1 Study Questions due
Th Feb 12 Block, “Psychologism and Behaviorism”
Tu Feb 17 Searle, “Minds, Brains, and Programs,” “Intentionality and the Brain”
Unit 3 – Thought & the Environment
Th Feb 19 Putnam, “Brains in a Vat”
Tu Feb 24 Putnam, “Meaning and Reference,” “Meaning and Mentalism” (pp. 11–15) Unit 2 Study Questions due
Th Feb 26 Searle, “Are Meanings in the Head?” section I
Tu Mar 3 Burge, “Individualism and the Mental” (sections IIab, IIIbcd, IVc)
Th Mar 5 Chomsky, “Language from an Internalist Perspective,” 146–156 Topics for first paper distributed.
Unit 4 – The Determinacy of Meaning
Tu Mar 10 Quine, “Ontological Relativity” (26-40, 45-51), excerpts from Word and Object Unit 3 Study Questions due.
Th Mar 12 Quine, continued
Tu Mar 17 Searle, “Indeterminacy, Empiricism, and the First Person”, Quine, excerpt from “Reply to Chomsky”
Th Mar 19 TBA First paper due
Unit 5 – Meaning & Interpretation
Tu Mar 31 Handout on Tarski’s theory of truth Unit 4 Study Questions due
Th Apr 2 Davidson, “Belief and the Basis of Meaning,” “Radical Interpretation”
Tu Apr 7 Davidson, “Rational Animals” Peer reviews due
Th Apr 9 Davidson, “A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs”
Unit 6 – Reductive Naturalism
Tu Apr 14 Dretske, “If You Can’t Make One, You Don’t Know How It Works,” “Putting Information to Work” Unit 5 Study Questions due
Th Apr 16 Millikan, “Biosemantics,” §§I–III
Tu Apr 21 Fodor, “A Theory of Content I” (focus on 70-79). Optional: Millikan, “Speaking Up for Darwin”
Th Apr 23 Dennett, “Evolution, Error, and Intentionality” Topics for second paper distributed.
Tu Apr 28 Fodor, “A Theory of Content II” (89-93, 96-100, 106-110, 119-end)
Th Apr 30 Review/catch-up Study Guide for final exam distributed
Tu May 5 Reading/Review/Recitation week – no class Unit 6 Study Questions due.
Th May 7 Second paper due
Mo May 11 Final Exam, 11:30-2:30 PM (102 Moffitt)